Hangzhou takes the lead in launching 5G scale trials and pre-constructing 300 5G trial sites

Release Time:2018-07-19

It is understood that Zhejiang Hangzhou has taken the lead in conducting 5G scale trials recently, and it is expected to build 300 3G test sites based on 3GPP standards by the end of this year.


Wang Xiaoyun, general manager of China Mobile Technology Department, believes that 5G high-rate, low-latency, and large-connectivity are the "accelerators" that drive the "Internet of Everything" era. Once the 5G high-speed network layout is mature, the human-centered production organization and the intelligent life of “Internet of Everything” will become a reality.


In Hangzhou, the development of the information economy is in the forefront of the country. In March this year, Hangzhou built the first 5G test site based on the 3GPP standard. Next, the 5G test area formed by the 300 5G test sites will cover 10 network scenarios including Zhejiang University, West Lake Scenic Area, Qianjiang New City, Asian Games Stadium, Internet of Things Town, Dream Town, and Research Institute. Covering an area of ​​over 100 square kilometers.


With the spread of 5G networks, Hangzhou has developed and explored various types of 5G applications such as industrial Internet, car networking, smart city, and ultra-high-definition video.


Under the leadership of China Mobile Zhejiang Company, the Zhejiang 5G Industry Alliance was announced. Zheng Jie, general manager of China Mobile Zhejiang Company, introduced that the newly established Zhejiang 5G Industry Alliance will vertically promote smart transportation with five major industrial chain partners: equipment manufacturers, communication operators, terminal suppliers, system integrators and research institutes. , video entertainment, industrial energy, smart city, smart education, artificial intelligence and robotics, smart medical applications in seven areas, forming a 5G ecosystem of cooperation and win-win.