Company Introduction

Zhejiang Hanli Cable Co., Ltd. is a key high-tech enterprise of the national Torch Plan specializing in the production of wires and cables. The company is located in Linglong Industrial Zone, Lin'an District, the western suburb of Hangzhou, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. With a registered capital of 116million yuan, the company has more than 300 employees, 100 professionals of all kinds, and a production site of more than 26000 square meters.

The company's leading products include SYWV (y) -75 series Physical high foaming RF coaxial cable, RG series access network coaxial cable, sywly-75 series aluminum tube cable, digital communication category 5 cable and digital monitoring cable. The company attaches great importance to the selection and procurement of raw materials. The main raw materials for cable production, such as oxygen free copper, physical foaming insulation, tinned copper wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire, are high-quality products. In order to improve the competitiveness of the market, the controllability of product quality, and the anti risk ability brought about by the uncertain factors of raw materials, the company produces main raw materials such as wire drawing and PVC by itself. The company has one internationally leading Rosenthal production line imported from Austria, one 7163 argon arc welding equipment imported from Austria, 15 German inkjet printers, 12 British theodolites, 3 network analyzers imported from HP, 6 domestic advanced physical foaming production lines, 120 high-speed knitting machines, 8 shielding heaters, 7 sheath extruders and other production and testing equipment. The annual output can reach 500000 kilometers. So as to realize a complete industrial chain.

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The company has general department, human resources department, marketing department, production department, technology department, quality inspection department, foreign trade department, finance department and other departments. Our company has offices in all provinces and municipalities directly under the central government. Our company specializes in radio and television systems. In recent years, our company has successively served Zhejiang Huashu, Guangxi Radio and television, Jishi media, Guizhou Radio and television, Yunnan cable, Hunan cable, North Union, Anhui Radio and television, Shanghai cable, China cable, Gansu Radio and television, Shaanxi radio and television, Shandong Radio and television, Heilongjiang radio and television, Jiangxi Radio and television, Shanxi Radio and television, Inner Mongolia Radio and television Ningxia radio and Television Co., Ltd. has provided various cables, which have been highly praised and favored by users. The company has self operated import and export rights, and its exports are exported to the United States, Canada, India, Russia and other countries and regions. The company's annual sales are rising steadily.