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Zhejiang Hanxin Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is established according to the industrial policy orientation of “Turning back the light” of the Ministry of Industry and Information Industry. Through several years of continuous development, it has formed a modern enterprise integrating research, development, production, processing and sales. pattern. The company's optical cable production workshop consists of 30 employees. The optical cable car is responsible for the production of the company's main products, and the workshop is based on the principle of “people-oriented, technological innovation, excellence, diligence, sustainable development, and re-creation”. Self-quality, improve product quality and service quality, and actively carry out post training, skill competition, and technical competition activities, forming a good atmosphere of “comparing, learning, rushing, helping, and super”, and completing the production of the company with quality and quantity. The task, the workshop also cooperates with the company's R&D center to actively develop new products and new processes, which provides a strong guarantee for the company to open up new markets and consolidate the original market share. It has made an extremely important contribution to the development and growth of the company.

In today's society, the power of culture has been deeply embedded in the vitality, creativity and cohesion of enterprises. Modern market competition has become more and more manifested in the competition of corporate culture. As a result of competition, enterprises with advanced culture have survived and developed, and enterprises with backward culture have been eliminated. Using advanced culture to comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises and lead enterprises to continue healthy development on the road of new industrialization is the direction of corporate culture construction in the new era.

Based on the local and national development process, Zhejiang Hanli Cable Co., Ltd. has created a corporate culture with individuality, that is, the value recognition shared by Hanli people and the common development of the enterprise, and the realization of the value of life; the interests of individuals, enterprises and society are closely Connected. This corporate culture is integrated with the development strategy and development goals of Hanli Cable and becomes an intangible asset that supports the development of the company.

Over the years, the company has summarized and refined some corporate cultures in production management, and carried out useful exploration and practice:

1. Refined some spiritual culture. In the initial stage of construction, we have refined and practiced a series of entrepreneurial spirits, such as the spirit of innovation “doing things that others have not done”; the spirit of service “prepared for you, dedicated to serve you”, etc., and further improved according to the development and management of the enterprise. And interpret the corporate culture system.

2. The company's senior leaders have given high priority. A good company must have good leaders and good employees. The chairman of the company, Xu Jianjun, attaches great importance to the moral and intellectual education of employees. While constantly improving the cultural education, he also arranges staff to go to school for skills and cultural education and quality education. Efforts will be made to improve the culture and quality of employees, arrange out-of-town travel for employees, organize staff meetings and parties on holidays.

3. To a certain extent, the company has demonstrated its corporate culture through specific work and various cultural and sports activities, unifying thoughts, changing concepts, and laying a solid foundation for enterprise development. For more than a decade, the company has donated and purchased a considerable amount of school supplies to nearby primary schools and kindergartens during the “1 June” festival. In 2006, “Sangmei” typhoon attacked Fuding City and brought disaster to Fuding City Radio and Television Bureau. In the case of sexual destruction, Fuding Broadcasting and Television sent timely equipment urgently needed by the cable network, so that the general public in Fuding City saw the cable TV in time after the disaster; donated money to the Red Cross Society, donated money to the Sichuan disaster area, and sponsored poor college students to complete their studies. . Donations in the Spring Breeze Action and some large-scale social activities; to solve the employment problem of more than 10 laid-off workers, the company also recruits college students to come to the company for employment every year, and the “March 8 Women’s Day sponsors the Jincheng Street Women’s Waist Drum Team to hold the “Hanli” Cup Women The Drum Drum Grand Prix, the "60th Anniversary" National Day and the Lin'an Sports Bureau jointly held a "badminton" competition, and sponsored the Hanli Cup Red Song Contest at Jinbei Street on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the founding of the party.

In 2009, the “March 8 Women's Day Jincheng Street Women's Waist Drum Team held the “Hanli” Cup Women's Waist Drum Grand Prix.

The 90th Anniversary of the Jinbei Street Memorial Building in 2011 and the "Hanli Cup" Red Song Contest

2011 Zhejiang Hanli Cable Co., Ltd.,Zhejiang Hanxin Optoelectronic Corp.,Ltd. Provincial Industrial New Product Appraisal Meeting